Oview The CP21 12 highly integrated USB to SMBus bridge controller integrates a USB2.0 full-speed functional controller, USB transceiver oscillator and 8 GPI0 pins. All customization and configuration options can be selected through a simple GUI-based configurator. Standard HID devices do not need to develop complex firmware and drivers. CP2112 devices can achieve fast USB connection with minimal development work. Product details ●USB bus power supply 4.0V to 5.25V; Self-powered 3.0V to 3.6V, I/O voltage 1.8V to VDD ●Working environment temperature: -40°C~85°C ●On-chip power-on reset circuit, on-chip voltage regulator: 3.45V output ●Comply with USB specification 2.0 standard; full speed (12Mbps) ●Support USB suspend state through SUSPEND and / SUSPEND pins, integrated 194 bytes-secondary programmable ROM, used to store customizable product information ●512 bytes SMBus data buffer, configurable clock speed device address 7-bit value CP212 slave device address ●Windows, Mac and Linux HID to SMBus library API for rapid application development, open access interface specifications ●8 GPI0 can be configured as input/output and open-drain/push-pull, configurable clock for external devices ●Output 48MHz to 94kHz, switch L ED during reading/writing SMBus ●Module size: 29.5mm*21.3mm, with two M3 mounting holes, one MicroUSB female 0


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