T56 Programmer 56 Pin Drivers ISP Support 34000+ ICs for PIC/NAND Flash/EMMC TSOP48 / TSOP56/ BGA 48/63/64/153/169 Package include: One pcs XGecu T56 Programmer One pcs USB cable One pcs ICSP cable Please note: the package don't include CD, you can download documents on official website: www.xgecu.com Description: XGecu T56 Universal Programmer 56 Pin DriversSupport 20000+ ICs for Nor Flash / NAND Flash / EMMC TSOP48 / TSOP56 / BGA48 / BGA63 / BGA64 / BGA100 / BGA153 / BGA162 / BGA169 / BGA221 Ultra speed universal 56-pins powerful pindrivers programmer, no adapter required for any DIL devices. Fully open source programming adapter and competitive price. Design focused on high-capacity memories programming. Remarkable performance, ultra fast programming speed, very small and portable. Cool appearance, low power consumption, excellent work stability. ******************************************************************************** 1. Support wider chip range, larger capacity, faster speed: Base the TL866II Plus add Support for Nor Flash / NAND Flash / EMMC

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