full support. Support TSOP32 TSOP40 TSOP48 chips to 64MBits, will join the TSOP56 pin support. ● NAND FLASH chip supports up to 8Gbits ● MCU series, hundreds of models of 51 series of microcomputer ● AVR microcontroller package scratch ATMEGA series ATtiny series AT90XXX series of microcontrollers, all AVR ATMEGAxxx chip also supports the ICSP interface for SPI serial download programming. Support AVR one-to-one soft-key with RC correction byte. ● MICROCHIP PIC10 PIC12 PIC16 PIC18 Series Microcontroller: PIC series of more than 300 models, more than 900 package chip support, currently supports one of the most complete PIC chip integrated programmer. For vario us types of PIC monolithic, in strict accordance with the manufacturer's manual requirements, the optimal programming, programming speed is excellent. The vast majority of chips support both ISCP online programming and programming through programming sockets.

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 فيديو توضيحي للمبرمجة  (XGeuc)  TL866ll plus  

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