QUICK 2008 Hot Air Gun Rework station Back to Home | QUICK 2008 Hot Air Gun Rework station QUICK 2008 Hot Air Gun Rework station Press tab to enlarge €--,-- Make a choice: * By default Add to compare list John: 8719122740153 Available: In stock Dispatch Free delivery Ordered today, delivered tomorrow 1 24 hour delivery time and free shipping Your repair partner, best quality and service Quick return Share this product Information QUICK 2008 hot air gun rework station The description Hot air gun rework station - 2008 is suitable for a variety of components, such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA (especially suitable for mobile phone line and desoldering line in row); Used for heat shrink, drying, in addition to painting, in addition to glue, thawing, preheating, soldering, etc. Features ●Model: Quick 2008 ● Voltage: 110V or 220V to choose from ● Plug types: US plug, EU plug, UK plug. ● Gross weight: 3 kg ● Power consumption: 700 W ● Sound level: less than 45db ● Gas flow: 20-100 120 liters/minute. ● Airflow type: soft wind brushless fan ● Temperature control range: 100°C - 500°C ● Category: microcomputer LED digital display ● Length of the handle component: 120 cm ● Display form: digital LED (resolution 1°C) Features of 2008 hot air gun rework station ● This small size heat gun soldering rework soldering station is made of metal alloy, which makes it durable and space-saving. ● High power and fast heating. The temperature can be adjusted conveniently, and the temperature is accurate and stable, and is not affected by airflow. ● Stepless airflow adjustment with wide range. The temperature can be easily adjusted. ● The sensitive electromagnetic inductor in the handle ensures that the unit starts working immediately as long as the handle is held. When the handle is placed on the bracket, the system will return to standby mode. Easy to use. ● The automatic cooling system can increase the life of the heating element and protect the unit. ● The compact unit takes up little space on the workbench. ● With a long life brushless blower and the noise is low. ● Digital display temperature accuracy is up to +_1°. The sensor closes the loop, the zero crossing triggers the microcomputer temperature control, LED display, large power, heating is fast, accurate and stable temperature, not affected by air volume, truly lead-free desoldering.